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The transition from primary school to secondary school can be a challenge for many pupils, and indeed for the staff supporting them.

There is increased focus on Key Stage 3 books in the updated reading framework, which emphasises the importance of the transition to secondary school, books for secondary schools that maintain pupils' engagement with reading for pleasure, and quickly identifying and providing support for less confident readers. We have book suggestions for a range of transition needs below.

New beginnings

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Books that feature children starting new endeavours and everything that goes with that – new friendships, fresh challenges and navigating complex situations. There is reassurance in facing your fears through a story and discovering that others have felt the same as you.

Depth and challenge

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This selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, provides children coming to the end of Year Six with more challenge – either in the language used, the text style, or the subject matter. By reading books like this, pupils should become more confident readers and able to tackle the more complex texts they will meet at secondary school.

Developing self-confidence

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The transition to secondary school is an exciting one, but is accompanied by strong emotions, and comes at a time when children are changing and developing their independence. Relationships are often a concern for pupils as they move to secondary school, compounded by fears about homework, meeting new teachers and finding their way around large school buildings. These books have been specially selected by our team to provide reassurance and support.

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