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Books delivered shelf-ready

We offer a time-saving jacketing and labelling service for schools, so as well as recommending the best and most engaging books for your pupils, we can make them shelf-ready before sending them out to you.

Our expert team are happy to advise on labelling for Reading for pleasure libraries and collections, to help you make an informed decision which reflects the needs of both staff and pupils. 

Book jackets

Covering your books can protect them from everyday wear and tear, prolonging their shelf-life. We apply clear plastic jackets to paperbacks and a clear plastic sleeve to hardbacks with a dust jacket.


Labelling your school library stock is key to ensuring books can be reshelved efficiently, and makes it easier to index, lend and track books according to your library management system if you have one. 

We recommend the following to cover the vast majority of schools' requirements:

  • Fiction spine labels, to sequence authors alphabetically and aid searching for titles
  • Non-fiction: either coloured labels or Dewey referencing to denote categories and to group books within your library space



Get in touch

For guidance on jacketing and labelling or to discuss your school's requirements, call us on 0121 666 6646 or email

To purchase book jackets, colour band labels or date labels for your existing book stock, email



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