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Guided reading spines

A teacher running a guided reading session with pupils

Guided reading is the practice of teaching pupils reading and comprehension skills, and usually involves an adult working with small groups differentiated by reading ability. This allows the teacher to discuss texts at a level which is appropriate for the pupils, and to support them with encountering and understanding new vocabulary.

Guided reading books should offer challenge, but also be pitched at a level that enables the child to work independently with the text when not in a focus group. They also need to be engaging and a length that can be completed within a reasonably short period of time – perhaps one half term.

Our year group selections for guided reading include a wide variety of text types: older picture books for KS2, poetry books, short chapter books, short novels and non-fiction texts. This variety will help to foster reading for pleasure with your pupils, whilst also developing their reading ability and comprehension.


Looking for schemed books to support guided reading?

Browse popular series available to support guided reading, including readers, teacher handbooks and resources from a range of publishers, here.

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