Announcement for schools customers: We will hold all book and furniture orders due for delivery between Friday 22 July 2022 and Wednesday 31 August 2022. Delivery will resume on 1 September 2022. If your school remains open throughout the summer holidays and you would prefer to have your books delivered during this time, please contact us at the time of ordering.

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Buy book jackets, colour bands and date labels

Book jackets

Buy transparent book jackets using our free easy-to-use sizing guide – just quote the number and colour reference for your chosen jackets as shown on the guide.

The jackets you'll receive are the same ones that we apply to protect books for both schools and UK public libraries. They are made here in the UK by our chosen partner, the largest manufacturer of book jackets for public libraries.

Request your free sizing guide or order now by emailing

Book jacket prices:

Yellow (170mm to 230mm) 40p each
Yellow (232mm to 320mm) 80p each
Green and blue (longer widths, 170mm to
£1.20 each
Red (to fit hardbacks with dust jackets)  40p each
Please note: There is a minimum order value of £20.00 for book jackets.

Colour bands

We supply colour labels for book banding and Accelerated Reader™, at £6.00 per box of 500 labels (0.011p per label). Each reel comes in a dispenser box and labels are sized at 38 x 16 mm. Colours available: Black, Cerise, Dark Blue, Pale Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Lilac, Lime, Mauve, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White, Yellow. 

To order, please email your requirements to

There is a minimum order value of £20.00 for colour labels.


Date labels

We also supply generic date labels which are 10cm wide by 12.5cm long. To order, email

There is a minimum order value of £20.00 on date labels.


Please note: Orders for jackets, colour bands and labels must be placed by emailing or by calling us on 0121 666 6646. 

There is a minimum order value of £20.00 when ordering jackets, colour bands or date labels, with a standard delivery charge of £5.00 per order. (If you are ordering jackets and labels together, you will only be charged once for delivery.) VAT will be added to the total value of your order. 

Ordering books at the same time to the value of £50.00 or more? Let us know – we will dispatch your jackets and labels with the books and waive the additional delivery charge.




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